The TIM Machine

Powered by SDK Core’s Total Identity Management (TIM) multi-factor biometric authentication protocol, the SDK vending machine offers a customizable retail solution for regulated products. The flexible TIM system is designed to meet or exceed regulatory guidelines and compliance. 

Customer Benefits
  • TIM-enabled vending machines offer customers a safe, secure and convenient way to purchase regulated products like pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and medical marijuana. 
  • Large and intuitive touchscreen interface helps make buying products quick and easy. 
  • Vending machine climate controls keep products fresh.
Retail Benefits
  • TIM offers a cost-effective solution to vending regulated products like medical pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and medical marijuana. 
  • Designed to meet or exceed regulatory and insurance compliance guidelines. 
  • Enhances security, accountability, supply chain management and profitability for clients. 
  • Seamless integration with existing retail systems. 
  • Real-time and remote inventory management system enables licensees and staff to effectively manage stock levels, expired products and manufacturer recalls. 
  • The automated solution helps address HR-related challenges including employee sick days, turnover, theft and complex training. 
  • Addresses administrative challenges like transactions and checkout, inventory control and purchasing. 
  • Capable of managing complex reporting requirements associated with regulated products. 
  • Small machine footprint offers flexible placement in a variety of locations. 
  • Intuitive user interface for customers and staff. 
  • Shopping cart system that allows for multiple products  for checkout and payment. 
  • Large range of customizable payment options: prepaid accounts or credits, cash, credit cards and Bitcoin. 
  • Paperless guaranteed payment method. 
  • Accounting tracking software. 
  • Customer purchase tracking, revenue division, statistics, inventory, and trending. 
  • Dispensary management software manages counter, inventory, transfer, ID verification, compliance, and reporting. 
  • Secure access controls for customers and administrators. 
  • Customer lockout capabilities based on item or prescription, quantity, time and date. 
  • Reports emailed automatically.
Technical profile
  • HD touch-sensitive display. 
  • HD video and still picture camera. 
  • High-resolution fingerprint scanner. 
  • “First in, First Out” system used to deliver products. 
  • Vend and mis-vend detection. 
  • High-quality and long-lasting construction. Vending machine unit constructed with anti-corrosive and anti-oxidation coating material. 
  • Security locks with three locking points. 
  • High-capacity cashbox.  
  • Injected foam throughout the main cabinet to help reduce motor noise.  
  • Capacity for up to 8 fully adjustable product trays and up to 10 channels per tray. Flexible configuration allows for the fast modification of the width and depth of channels. 
  • Refrigeration. 
  • Programmable torque and speed of motors. 
  • Power: 220/110 V 
  • Energy efficient power consumption – peak 15 amps, sustained 8 amps.
Dimensions and Weight
  • Dimensions: 1825 x 800 x 935 mm 
  • Weight: 297 Kg.


* All listed features, benefits and specifications describe SDK Core’s base model vending machine. Additional machine models are available to meet client needs.

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